Pastoral Endorsements 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the short time that I’ve known Pastor Vonda Chipman she has exhibited attributes of a true woman of God. She walks in integrity and has a sincere heart to use her God given gifts to help those in need. A counselor needs patience to dig to the root of matters. Because of the heart that Pastor Chipman has, this gift becomes active and helps those in need. For those who may require deeper counseling for unresolved issues, she would be an excellent resource. I would recommend Pastor Chipman for Christian counseling services.

 Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr.

Senior Pastor, Mt Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries

Richmond, VA


 I have had the pleasure of knowing Vonda Chipman personally and professionally. It has been my privilege to serve as her pastoral counseling mentor, spiritual advisor, and friend for over 35 years.  Under my leadership and direct supervision as the Assistant Pastor and former director of the Lay Counseling ministry at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, she began her Biblical Counseling training and served as an excellent and compassionate Biblical lay counselor for 4 years.  As a professional and pastoral counselor, she has a warm kind hearted spirit and possesses a unique understanding and expertise in neuroplasticity cognitive behavior and Biblical counseling.  I wholeheartedly endorse Vonda Chipman for her expertise in Christian counseling for the treatment of anxiety and depression, ADHD, alcoholism, and Bipolar Disorder.

Dr. Martin Hawkins

President, Southern Bible Institute

Dallas, TX

Expand your reach!  For the past 20 years our family and ministry have been enriched by our friendship and fellowship in the Gospel with Pastor Vonda and Dr. Paul Chipman.  In marriage and ministry, the Chipmans practice, prove, and promote Biblical principles. As pastors, counselors, and Bible teachers, these principles are communicated with competence, compassion, and conviction.   By referring congregants to them, our pastoral impact increased. Through Hope for the Home Counseling Ministry, Paul and Vonda expand their Kingdom influence by providing comprehensive Christian counseling services and relationship seminars to the global Body of Christ.  I highly recommend that you engage Hope for the Home as a resource to enhance your personal, pastoral, and overall ministry effectiveness. 

Go ahead, ...expand your reach!  

Dr. Haywood A. Robinson, III

Senior Pastor, The Peoples Community Baptist Church

Silver Spring, MD

Client Endorsements

Before I met Pastor Vonda Chipman, I was a bipolar autistic alcoholic who was heavily medicated just to make it through the day. I had been to AA, rehab in a psych ward and had spoken to every type of therapist from the top of the line most experienced renowned Christian therapist/psychiatrist to the least helpful Obama care psychiatrist who had too many patients to really care. Initially my time with Pastor Vonda  was sporadic. But I eventually came to the end of my life. I started talking to Pastor Vonda more consistently and she began to pour into my life so immensely that I knew it was a miracle. Today, I can say that yes I have bipolar.  Yes I have Autism,  but I’m not an alcoholic and I am not heavily medicated. I am living life like God would want me to be. I am not perfect, but Pastor Vonda has helped me transform my life so dramatically that people don’t even believe it’s really me anymore. I hope everyone gets a chance to talk to her at least once in their life. Thank you Pastor Vonda Chipman.

Female client-TX

Pastor Vonda helped me to overcome my depression by revealing to me it's root causes. I now feel more confident that I can combat the negative thoughts and feelings which led to my depressive episodes.

Male Pastor-VA

I met with Pastor Vonda to help me with my divorce. She showed me the importance of seeing faith, living with clarity, and finding my inner strength. With her help, I am a much happier person now.

​Male client- VA

I have benefited so much from Christian counseling with Pastor Vonda Chipman over the years. She has helped me more than others because of her sincere caring and skill in leading me to see my problems rationally and spiritually. I know that I can always seek her help and she is a person that I can trust to be there for me. She helps me feel like I matter in this world. I highly recommend Pastor Vonda Chipman.

Female client- VA

I would like to recommend Pastor Vonda for Christian counseling. She has taught me so much about myself and how to look at the way I handle things. She prepared me very well to be strong in the process of separation. So I was not surprised by the behaviors I encountered. I thank Pastor Vonda so much for helping me to navigate such a difficult time in my life.

​Female client-Maryland